About Mel

Since 1969 Mel Shakespeare has been designing award-winning homes in the tradition of early 19th century Ontario. The company name, Tradition Home, is now synonymous with period homes of distinction.

Remember When Green Was Just a Colour?

I built my first green home 46 years ago. But I didn’t know it was a green home. It was a house of wood and stone mostly, and wood that had been around for a couple of hundred years or so (I never bothered to count the rings). The stone, precambrian granite…well, I think it was [...]

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A Shaker Inspired Kitchen

The true Shaker kitchen was spotless, ready for hungry workers at 5:30 a.m., and doubtless the epitome of efficiency and craftsmanship among other things. Mine is not. Quite. Yet. It’s true I took inspiration from the many aspects I have always admired about the Shaker ethic. I have always found their neat, unadorned spaces with their [...]

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Log House Saved From the Burn Pile

I just love things old. Houses, furniture, things with history, beauty, character and that patina that comes with the bestowal of nature’s slow grace. It was this love that led me, long ago, to a simple cottage in the woods that seemed to have the potential for something beautiful to be created. A clear stream meandering through [...]

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